Yoruba For Kids Abroad

Yoruba For Kids Abroad 1.0

This Unique, Easy, Fun, Kid's Friendly, Game-like software
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This Unique, Easy, Fun, Kid's Friendly, Game-like, Yoruba Culture-Rich and Interactive Software Will Systematically and Pyschologically Take Your Kid(s) From Zero Interest Level in Yoruba Language & Culture To A Comfortable Level of Interest, Understanding and Speaking Yoruba Language In as Little as 27 Days. This Ground Breaking Interactive Software Will Daily Motivate Your Kids To Love and Want To Learn Yoruba Via This System For The Next 27 Days and Beyond. The Game section of This Software Acts As An Irresistable Incentives For Your Kids To Keep Learning Yoruba Everyday. The Inspirational Puzzle At The End of Most Sections of The Software Motivates Your Kids Abroad To Be The Best They Can Be Irrespective Of Their Race, Religion or Educational Background.

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